I was raised on a family farm near central Iowa, where Corn, Beans, Dairy, Beef, Chickens, Pigs, and a Horse were part of my upbringing. The rural area and the Christian community stamped me as an outdoor person. Hunting rabbits was as much a part of me as was plowing, making hay, and caring for livestock. Part of my life was spent raising the lovable animals as pets and for the dinner table.

As a boy, I picked up the “handle” of Rabbit after catching seven of the furry animals without a gun

Tails (Tales) in the book:

  • Chapter 1 – Rabbit Gets a Name
  • Chapter 2 – Rabbit and Revenge
  • Chapter 3 – Rabbit and the Skunk
  • Chapter 4 – Rabbit and the Tornado
  • Chapter 5 – Rabbit goes Swimming
  • Chapter 6 – Rabbit finds an Answer
  • Chapter 7 – Rabbit, Smokey, and the Cat
  • Chapter 8 – Rabbit and the Horse

  • Novel: Completed
  • Audience: General Audience
  • Genre: Tails (Tales) of a Boy
  • Length: 13,000 words
  • Status: Published on Amazon
  • Summary: First Person Tails (Tales) of the Author

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